Understanding Programming Languages and Examples

The programming language may already be familiar to friends who are in the SMK or S1 Informatics Engineering environment. Such as web programming, Java, HTML, CSS, Javascript and so on.

This programming language is not only used for adults, but programming languages can also be applied to children, but at a low level first, as well as learning programming languages for beginners.

The following is an article about programming languages for children and beginners, the following explanation will be discussed is the definition of beginner programming languages, programming languages for children, various programming languages and examples. Let’s just go over everything.

Understanding Programming Languages

Reporting from wikipedia.org, the notion of a programming language is a series of instructions that contain syntactic and semantic rules that are used to give commands to a computer so that it can carry out certain functions.

The output of a programming language can generally be an application, or a line of program code (source code). For example, we can see the E parking application, cash register application, social media, etc.

Simply put, a programming language can also be interpreted as a language that contains a line of program code that is used by programmers to create an application, website or anything related to programming.

The main function of the programming language is to make commands / instructions to the computer according to our needs. For example, making websites, making games, and various other applications.

Examples of Programming Languages

There are many types of computer programming languages used today. Some of these variants will be described in detail through the points below.

C . programming language

This language is used in developing application software. C is also widely used by various types of operating system platforms and computer architectures, there are even several very popular compilers available.

JAVA programming language

Java programming language is a programming language that can be run on various computers including mobile phones. Java should not be misunderstood as Java Script. Java Script is a scripting language used by web browsers.

PYTHON programming language

Python programming language is a dynamic programming language that supports object-oriented programming. Python can be used for various software development purposes and can run on various operating system platforms.

RUBY programming language

Object-oriented scripting language. The goal of Ruby is to combine the advantages of all scripting programming languages ​​in the world. Ruby is written in the C programming language with basic capabilities such as Perl and Python.

SQL programming language

A language used to access data in a relational database. This language is de facto the standard language used in relational database management. Currently, almost all existing database servers support this language to perform data management.

ColdFusion programming language

Application server and software development framework used for software development used for computer software development, especially dynamic web sites.

PHP programming language

PHP programming language is the most widely used script programming language PHP is still called FI (Form Interpreted). The form is a set of scripts that are used to process form data from the web.

HTML programming language

A markup language used to create a web page and display various information in an internet browser.

COBOL programming language

A third generation programming language. As the name implies, the COBOL language has the function of solving trade-related problems, such as financial management systems, company expense reports and others.

MICROSOFT VISUAL BASIC programming language

A programming language that offers a visual integrated development environment for creating software programs based on the Microsoft Windows operating system using the BASIC programming model and offering fast graphics-based computer software development.

Visual programming language C++

An Integrated Development Environment product for the C and C++ programming languages ​​developed by Microsoft. Viual C++ is a part of the Microsoft Visual Studio package

DELPHI programming language

Generally this language is more widely used for the development of desktop and enterprise applications based on data bases, but as a general purpose development tool it is also capable and used in various types of software development projects.

C++ programming language

The C++ programming language is a programming language that has object-oriented programming properties, to solve the problem C++ takes the first step by explaining the classes that are children of the classes that were created previously as abstractions of physical objects.

The class contains the state of the object, its members and the capabilities of the object, after several classes are created then the problem is solved with the class.

ASP programming language

One of the web programming languages ​​for creating dynamic web pages. And ASP is one of the technology products provided by Microsoft. ASO works on a web server and is a server side scripting.

XML programming language

The W3C’s recommended versatile markup language for describing a wide variety of data. XML is markup tags like HTML its use is not limited to the appearance of web pages only. XML is a method for creating markers in a document.

WML programming language

The programming language used in XML-based applications. WML is a programming language used in wireless applications. WML is an analogy of HTML running on a wireless protocol.

PERL programming language

Programming languages ​​for machines with unix operating systems are also available for operating systems such as DOS, windows, powerPC, and this programming is similar to the C programming language.

CFM programming language

CFM was created using the coldfusion tag with adobe coldfusion / bluedragon / coldfusion studio software. HTML based coldfusion syntax.

Javascript programming language

A powerful scripting language that runs on the client side. Javascript is a scripting language developed by Netscape. To run scripts written with java script, we need a java script-enabled browser, which is a browser capable of running java script.

CSS programming language

A stylesheet language that is used to set the appearance of a document written in a markup language. The most common use of CSS is to format web pages written in HTML and XHTML.

However, the language itself can be used for all types of XML documents including SVG and XUL. CSS specifications are governed by W3s.

Android programming language

The android programming language, applied to any of the above descriptions, includes java, java script, html, and PHP. In this era of smartphones, the android programming language is very popular to learn. For that, there is nothing wrong for you to learn it.

Thus a complete review of information about programming languages for children and beginners that we can review, may be useful for readers, especially for friends who are majoring in informatics engineering and information systems at the SMK and S1 levels.

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